Party Venue

Putter’s Event Center is a party venue suitable for almost any type of event from casual to formal, from large (500 ppl) to small, and from corporate events/meetings, to social celebrations.

Event Venue with Indoor and Outdoor Options



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  • Bridal Shower Venue – Friends and family will feel at home with our warm and classic décor.  Whether you are looking for classy or casual, we have you covered.
  • Baby Shower Venue – Celebrate your upcoming  new arrival and mom-to-be in our warm and welcoming venue.  Feel like you’re at home without the mess and hassle.
  • Retirement Party Venue  – Whether you would like a blow-out celebration with all the bells and whistles, or a more subdued open-house type affair, Putter’s is ideal.
  • Graduation Party Venue – A Grad Party at Putter’s is the best!  Less money than renting a tent, tables, chairs, and linens, no weather worries, no under-age drinking worries, no parking concerns, no cleaning both before and after your event.  Just pack up your things and go home.  Plus, the teens will love all the games!
  • Family Reunion – A Family Reunion Venue like no other.  All ages will enjoy the golf and wide-variety of games!  No weather worries at Putter’s Event Center.  We have plenty of room inside as well as TONS of covered space outdoors.
  • Class Reunion Venue – For a Different Class Reunion Union Venue choose Putter’s Events and Golf Improvement Center.  It is a beautiful indoor/outdoor venue with many food, games, and bar options.