Baby Shower

A Baby Shower is a special and magical time.  It let’s the new mother-to-be know everyone is excited for the upcoming arrival. Enjoy friends and family, bring in your own food or have it catered, choose a theme to decorate around, or keep it simple, at Putter’s Event Center, we have seen it all and they are all beautiful.


We believe that a BABY Shower should be an event that is treasured and remembered.


Rental Includes

  • 1,500 Sq. ft. of inside space
  • Seating to accommodate 60, with flexible options for up to 75
  • 3 wine-barrel pub tables seating 18
  • Bring in your own food or have it catered
  • Serving tables and setup
  • Attendant throughout your event who will provide everything from food service and beverage setup to cleaning and bartending.  It also includes standard venue prep insuring the space is in pristine condition when you arrive and serving tables are setup.
  • Event Coordinator to meet with you and discuss details, setup, and ideas for your shower
  • Fireplace and leather seating arrangement for opening gifts
  • Flat per hourly rate, avoiding the per person costs associated with most venues
  • Beverage Station with coffee, lemonade, ice tea, water, and all other necessities
  • Option of utilizing the bar, offering a mimosa bar or a speciality sangria
  • Ideas and photos for themes and decor (

A combination of our beautiful room and dedicated staff will make all the difference.  We offer a top-notch Bridal Shower venue for you and your guest with support from planning thru loading the car.  Friends and family will enjoy the relaxed and classy venue, while you will appreciate the service and support.



Bring in your own food

Avoid per person fees and by consumption bars associated with most Bridal Shower Venues.  At Putter’s Event Center you can bring in your own food and pre-order champagne, wine, or beer for your guest.  We will assist you with ideas for food setup design that will match your Bridal Shower theme and impress your guest.

Have it Catered

If cooking is not your cup-of-tea, choose your own or one of our preferred caterers to do it all, or just do part of it, for you. They will assist you with putting together a menu with by the pan or per person pricing options.  Some planners have their main dish catered and they provide the sides and desserts, while others want everything, from tablecloths to seated serving. We will work with you to design the Bridal Shower that suits you and your budget best.  Our preferred caterers are Stancato’s and Class Act Catering

a BABY SHOWER venue with class and charm

From Casual to Formal


Plan a Baby Shower that is a reflection of the Mother-to-Be and her family and friends. If she wants it to be classy and formal, Putter’s can help you make that happen, but if she prefers classy and casual, we can help you make that happen too.

At Putter’s Event Center, we believe Showers are special!  They are a time for family and friends to gather, celebrate and embrace the Bride-to-be.

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you, help you plan the perfect Shower, and make it an event that everyone will enjoy!

If you are interested in additional information please contact us!  Call 330-703-4230 or complete the below form.