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CONTACT Phone: Debbie Leonard (330-703-4230), Email - putterseventcenter@gmail.com, or complete a contact form.

LOCATION Rte 18 just 2 miles west of 77 and 5 miles east of 71 where Copley/Fairlawn, Richfield, Montrose, and Medina/Highland all come together. 116 Medina Rd., Medina OH

Pricing We operate on a per/hr basis with no per person fees. Costs will vary depending on what you rent/buy for your event, weekend/weekday, and the area you would like.

Food Service At Putter's you can bring in your own food, at no additional cost, or have it catered. Choose a plated and served meal or a casual buffet. Regardless, your food support services will be top-notch with a Putter's attendant available throughout your event.

Party Size Our event space is very flexible and the number of guests we can accommodate varies depending on the season and party type. If only utilizing the inside space we can accommodate the following: Seated meal 70, Cocktail Party 85 - 90, Presentation 90-100. If utilizing both the inside and outside our covered space can accommodate up to 200. For larger events with a rented tent we have had up to 500.

Party Types We have hosted anything and everything from Birthday parties, Class Reunions, Family Reunions, Graduation Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, to Company Picnics, Retirement Parties, Networking Events, Fundraiser Events, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Receptions, and more.


  • Babyl Shower venue Akron, Medina, Richfield, Copley, Fairlawn

    Baby Shower

    We are so happy that we chose Putter’s for Kayleigh’s baby shower. It was such a pleasure working with you! We received many comments on what a nice shower it was. I appreciated having the beverages all taken care of , that the carafes, fruit dishes, ice bucket and sign for the mimosa bar as well as the centerpieces were provided  so I didn’t have to get those myself, that you had linens available to rent at a reasonable price, and that I was able to bring in my own food to save some money. I also appreciate the ideas you shared with us regarding food and decorating.

    Thank you for the excellent service you and Chelsea provided during the shower. It was nice to be able to visit with guests knowing that you were taking care of the details. I would not hesitate to recommend Putter’s to others.

    - Mary McGillivray

  • Graduation party venue, indoor outdoor venue Akron Venue, Medina Venue, Richfield venue, Wadsworth venue

    Graduation Party

    This was the first time most of the guests had been at your venue and it was a real hit.  In fact, most of them did not know you existed and were talking about planning upcoming events with you.  Erin & Alex were great!  They were very professional, dealt with all our hiccups with big smiles and ease.   The patio, tee-line space, and games worked well as we had many diverse groups of friends/family who did not all know each other. It gave them an opportunity to interact and mingle.  All around a big hit.

    Thanks to Erin & Alex who used their powers for good and made the rain stop before the event started and held it off until almost all the guests had left.

    - Josie Prokop

  • Graduation party venue, indoor outdoor venue Akron Venue, Medina Venue, Richfield venue, Wadsworth venue

    Graduation Party

    We had a great time. The party turned out perfectly!  Your staff was amazing. Thank you for providing outstanding service as always. everyone loved Putters and so many had never been there.  Hopefully, you will have some new customers.  Until next time,

    - Glenda Freeman

  • Graduation party venue, indoor outdoor venue Akron Venue, Medina Venue, Richfield venue, Wadsworth venue

    Graduation Party

    Everyone had a wonderful time. I am so happy you and your daughter were able to join us for a while 💜 Everyone loved the venue, it was definitely a great hit. I was asked a ton, how we found the place and of course, I told them Katelyn did lol. The girls were very helpful, always asked me if everything was okay and If I needed anything. They were very professional and super friendly. The driving range was a huge hit and everyone loved it and they loved the whole atmosphere! Leanne, you were awesome and such a wonderful planner. You really made everything so easy for me to plan!!! I thank you and your girls’ tons, I will definitely recommend Putters and also have events there in the future.

    - Crystal Irwin

  • Bridal Shower venue Akron, Medina, Richfield, Copley, Fairlawn

    Bridal Shower

    The event went very smoothly. Alex was a great help in setting up the food and drinks as well as clean up.  Jody and I really liked Putter’s, it was perfect for her Bridal Shower.  The guys which came enjoyed hitting some golf balls on the driving range. All of our guests enjoyed themselves and also liked the venue. The mimosa bar turned out great.  Thank you for your help in planning Jody’s special day. 

    - Cindy Ferenczy

  • bridal shower venue akron/medina, wedding shower

    The Perfect Bridal Shower Venue

    My mother and soon to be mother -in- law hosted my bridal shower at Putter’s on May 13th and it was way better than I could have ever imagined! From the very early stages of planning the event coordinator Leanne was awesome to work with and got back to us so quickly! Once we decided on a date we all sat down with Leanne and started planning. We had options to have the event catered or bring in our own food (which we did), and we had the most wonderful attendant, Erin, who was a tremendous help in setting up. We also had a sangria bar that was a huge hit! Leanne even reserved a space for my fiance’ and his friends to hit golf balls (so after the shower they could help load the gifts in the car 😉 ) We had about 45 guests and it was the perfect size venue for everyone to have room to move around, but intimate enough that everyone could sit and be close when gifts were being opened. I would recommend Putter’s to anyone looking to host a shower.

    Thank you again Leanne and Erin!

    - Katie Virden

  • Co-ed wedding shower venue Akron, Medina, Fairlawn, Putter's Event Center Bridal Shower

    Co-ed Wedding Shower Venue

    We really enjoyed our shower!  It was perfect for a coed shower, as it allowed the guys to hang out outside, hit golf balls and talk, while most of the girls enjoyed staying inside and mingling.  The venue is very spacious and the people are extremely accommodating.  We were able to get everything we wanted and it was all set up per our discussion and prepared perfectly.  Thank you for all of your help making our wedding shower a success.

    - Jennifer and Shawn

  • Anniversary party venue Akron Medina Fairlawn Richfield

    Anniversary Party

    The party turned out great – my parents were super surprised and excited, and the venue itself was a hit! It was a big turn out but, between half of them inside, half outside, there was a ton of room!  Everything was absolutely wonderful, and our assistant Kaleigh was awesome!  Again, I can’t emphasize enough about how awesome she was and how much fun everyone had – it is just a great space to have fun and mingle.

    Thank you again for everything! I’m sure we’ll be visiting again in the future!

    - Ellen Moran

  • Birthday party rental hall akron medina fairlawn richfield

    Birthday Party

    We had a great party- and really loved the venue. I got a lot of comments about what a great idea it was, and that it was a great place to have a party!  We really loved it and the girls who worked the event were great! So helpful and friendly.  Thanks so much for everything! All the tips you gave me during planning were super helpful, too. It’s good that you do that!

    - Shannon Wasie

  • company christmas party venue Medina Akron, Richfield, Copley, Fairlawn

    Company Holiday Party

    Thank you again for hosting our event! Everyone had a blast!!!  Leanne did an AMAZING job! She was completely accommodating and made us feel welcome and was an immense help in terms of setup and our catering. She did a great job maintaining our food and assisting us throughout the event. I was able to enjoy myself this time since she did most (if not all) of the maintenance of the catering. It was great and a lot of fun, and  everyone was well taken care of. 

    Of course we would like to plan our December event there if possible. I hope the Dec. 9th is open and available. If it is, we would like to book it for the same time, 6PM. Thanks again!

    - Ed Natividad

  • Baby Shower rental hall Akron, Medina, Copley, Richfield

    Baby Shower

    Our experience with Putter’s was excellent from start to finish.  Debbie and Leanne are so helpful, providing information, measurements and photos of past events.  Our attendant during the event was attentive, friendly and efficient, especially helpful when we were packing up.  The space itself is roomy, warm and inviting.  We are really very pleased that we chose Putter’s for the baby shower!

    - Ann Zillow

  • graduation party venue Medina, Richfield, Copley, Akron

    Graduation Party

    Hi Debbie, Wanted to let you know, EVERYTHING WENT GREAT! Leanne, of course was phenomenal! She was on top of the guests when they walked through the door, gave them their food truck tickets and took care of everything! Throughout the evening, the servers were so helpful all night by refilling all glasses taking care of clearing plates and the venue in general. I did have to shoo guests out by 12:00, we actually had to flick the lights on and off to get them to leave. It is so relaxing and peaceful out there at night, everyone just wanted to stay.

    - Deb Monaco

  • Bridal Shower venue Medina, Copley, Richfield, Wadsworth, Akron

    Bridal Shower

    Hey Debbie, just wanted to tell you Thank you, we pulled off an amazing bridal shower at Putter’s and my sister was so pleased and happy. We received many compliments on the venue and how nice and clean it was as well as how they didn’t realize it could be used for events. Your daughter Kaleigh, our attendant, was incredible! Very friendly, helpful and accommodating. We were very thankful for her help and her wonderful personality all around helped make the shower a success.  Thank you, I would recommend Putter’s to everyone looking for a Shower venue/event hall.

    - Mary Childers

  • Rehearsal dinner venue Medina, Richfield, Copley, Akron

    Rehearsal Dinner

    Putters Event Center was a perfect place for our rehearsal dinner.  It allowed us to mix and mingle easily and for family and friends on both sides to reconnect or to meet each other.  What a wonderful way for all the guests to go on to really enjoy each other at the wedding.  We have had more comments from people about how much fun they had with the golf and games.  The patio area was the place to be, I think most of the crowd ended up out there, chatting, practicing their golf game, and competing in corn hole.  No one wanted to go home! The newer furniture and lights added the finishing touch.  

    I want to compliment you on your staff.  Leanne was delightful to work with and so organized and helpful. She anticipated everything.  The two servers (Tricia and Erin) were very efficient and prompt in serving our guests. They easily kept up with the replenishing food/beverages and cleaning up as needed.  Please thank them all again.  I appreciate all the time you spent with me as I planned.  Your checklist that we went through during our final get together was great- it certainly helped to round up all the details!  Your recommendation for Stancato’s as our caterer was wonderful. The food was delicious, delivered right on time, and Betsy in the catering department was wonderful. http://www.stancatos.com/catering/  Thank you so much for everything.

    - Laurie Hollendonner

  • Class Reunion Venue Copley, Akron, Medina, Richfield, Highland

    Class Reunion

    OH MY GOSH, WE HAD SUCH A BLAST!!!!! It was an amazing time at Putter’s and The Golf Improvement Center. Everyone had nothing but great things to say about this class reunion. We loved the relaxed atmosphere. The staff was wonderful. We liked having something for people to do like the golf and games.  We liked being able to be in and outside, both were awesome; the pub tables and fireplace inside and the view, lights, and games outside.

    - Shannon Reep

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